Fondbites specialises in

1. Professional Baking & Cake Decorating Classes in Chennai, India 

Fondbites teaches baking and cake decorating starting from basic level to advanced sugar art. Every student is trained with individual hands on which is based on complete practical approach. Training sessions include free take home kit, instruction booklet and all materials will be provided in the class including lunch and refreshments. To know more about upcoming schedules of classes click here


2. Fondbites, Bake Along 

Bake Along is an enthusiastic part of Fondbites, a weekly marathon baking event that engages bakers of all levels to bake one recipe with me each week. A complete detailed recipe will be put up every monday and members of the facebook group should be finishing the dish in a weeks time and post back picture(s) into the group. Who finishes 4 weeks continuously are considered ‘Consistent Bakers’. Its an ever growing group and you can join here. The recipes that are complete on previous weeks are available to non-members also and you can view them here.


3. Free Consultation

Fondbites also serves consultation and logical support to all levels of baking.

Baking from home for personal use, commercial home bakers, bakers having an outlet, hosting a stall and anything that pertains to bake and cake decorating, you can count on Fondbites for free consultation. It could be starting from what flavours can be chosen for a particular event to which sells the best in bake stall. What kind of frosting holds well for a particular climate and place and how to beat up hiccups during humid climate and your cake decoration. We have answers for all your queries. And yes it is free and will always be!