Baking Workshops

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Fondbites not only sells cakes, we also now let you make your own cakes.

Whats special about our baking classes? You dont have to wait for a workshop announcement at all. You learn to bake any day, any time convenient for you.

Only that ? You learn to bake exactly what you want to learn and nothing more nothing less. Awesome uh? Never seen a kind like this ?

With almost a year and a half of extensive self learning , having faced every possible hurdle on attending a session myself, its a special venture on trying to fill up every possible gap in letting the joy of baking spread across.

Yeah its true, you get to bake everything on your own and we ensure you get a complete hands on, be it a novice baker, we start off from basic equipment introduction to how to handle each of them and for experienced bakers, we take you to next level. Most of times you get to choose a one-on-one and how about such an opportunity of the undivided attention idea?

Want to see all that we got in store to teach you, you need to check out the vast Workshop page and then its simple, give me a call fix an appointment and come over. You don’t have to bring in anything but take back the deliciously baked goody and lot of knowledge and fun experience of baking your own.

Now go creative and design your own baking workshop!


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