Cake Decorating Workshops

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Cake decorating is an art of going creative. Every individual’s cakes are one of a kind. We at fondbites provide you 2 different levels of cake decorating both are by themselves intensive coaching workshops.

First level is making the right frosting with the right consistency, handling the cake decorating tools, bags and nozzles. Exercises would be given on pressure control for right frosting amount while piping to decorate your cakes. Intensive practices on basic piping techniques, crumb coating your cake, covering it smooth and choosing to decorate your own cake with all the skills aqcuired during the workshop.

Second level  is fondant workshop. It starts from making your own fondant, making ganache, intensive practices on all basic fondant techniques, 3D animals and other characters and basic gumpaste flowers. You get to cover your cake with ganache smooth, roll, drape your cake, create a theme for your cake, make your own toppers and finish decorating a completely sugar crafted cake.

And like any of our other workshops, you dont have to bring in anything other than a self baked cake, because we expect basic baking knowledge at this level of training. Provided we do that baking a cake for you, in case time is a constraint to bake your own cake.

Can it be any simpler? And this is again a one-on-one if you choose to, and you need to fix an appointment when both of us are free and we just need to start off.

Check out both our pages, Cake Decorating and Fondant Workshops for more details.

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