Cakes Unplugged



Cakes Unplugged, A Fondbites League is a forum to bring together all the bakers and cake artists from across the world on to one platform. The league is an attempt to mentor all those aspiring bakers, budding cake artists and the home bakers to level up. The group is also an effort to leverage the bakers and cake artists to better their already existing skills. This group accepts only join requests of those who are bakers already with interest to cake art. We work with 4 mentors, Lubna Gafoor, Shwetha Shetty, Kashmira Dighe Iyer, and Shilpashree, Snehithi  who in turn work closely with Subhashini to solve every query that will be posted for the benefit of the members.

1.    Any query / doubt is encouraged here. A question about flavor pairing to a cake, filling suggestions, technique advice to get the desired output, a useful tute, how to transport cake safely, necessity of dowelling, and many more will be answered, guided by our mentor supporting system.
2.    Every new query and its corresponding answers will be documented in Fondbites website, so before a member decides to post a query, they need to visit the link and check if the query has been already answered.
3.    The core idea is for the members to openly ask any queries on their upcoming projects which needs an expert’s guidance / advice.
4.    Every possible effort will be made to clarify the doubts and guidelines given, members are also expected to do some ground work before posting the queries and a spoon feeding should not be expected out of the mentors of the league.
5.    Subhashini will keep the group abreast with all the latest trends and techniques with regular tutorials.
6.    More on new trends, discussions and articles will be posted regularly to keep up with the trending market.
7.    Members are to post the pictures of the cakes they seeked guidance from the group and mentors. They should also mention the query and the solution / clarification received for the particular cake along with the post.
8.    Members are allowed to share only the pictures pertaining to the guidance received and no other pictures are allowed. Random pictures of work or promotional posts by any member will be removed without notice. If the member repeats the same, then the person will be removed from the group without notice.

To join the facebook group, head on here