Cream your Cakes – Chennai

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Cream your cakes is a beginner level to intermediate focusing on all aspects of cream, you step in as a novice and go back as an expert with loads of ideas, tips, techniques and lots more.

 Dates:  18, 19, 20 January 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fees: Rs.14,000/-

Place: Perungudi, Chennai

Techniques Taught –

  1. Whip up fresh cream to the right consistency.
  2. Cover a cake with fresh cream and learn sharp edges.
  3. Make Ganache.
  4. Cover a cake with ganache and get sharp edges.
  5. Chocolate Shards.
  6. Buttercream 2 cakes with sharp edges and smooth sides.
  7. Stack 2 tier cakes using the right technique.
  8. Work on rustic finish and make a 2 tier buttercream wedding cake.
  9. 15 different basic piping techniques including stars, shells, ropes, drop flowers, rosettes, beads, dots, basket weave, scallop petals, ruffles, leaves, grass, script writing.
  10. Buttercream flowers.

Day 1 – Knowing your nozzles, Preparing your piping bag, Filling piping bags, Piping Pressure Control, Intensive practicing of piping techniques using template cards. Finish making fresh cream cake and take it home.

Day 2 – Finish making chocolate ganache cake. Take home. Make Buttercream flowers.

Day 3 – Finish making buttercream 2 tier rustic wedding cake and take home.

A tool kit containing 24 nozzles in a box, Metal scrapper, Piping bags, Flower nail, Offset metal spatula, Hard copy of all the piping techniques to be used as template to practise piping during the class and later on. 3 Completely decorated cake of yours. A fresh cream, Chocolate ganache and a 2 tiered buttercream cake

Right baking skills for appropriate cakes is essential. Online support will be provided to each student and under my guidance cakes should be baked and brought to the class. Specifications for each cake will be provided upon registration.

To confirm registration you need to deposit 50% of the fee into my Bank Account. (Kindly ask for Account details). Do let me know once money has been transferred from your end and I will acknowledge the same from my side.


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2 thoughts on “Cream your Cakes – Chennai

  1. Caroline


    Please let me know if you will be having any session in Mumbai or during the Diwali holidays.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Divya


    I would like to learn baking. please let me know if you have explicit class for the same.



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