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While preparing to bake, there are certain equipments which ease our job and save time in achieving the best results. Here’s list of all equipments used for baking. You could choose from the list depending on what you bake.

1. Cake Tins:

9 Inch Round

8 Inch Square

Muffin Tray

Loan Tin

Tart Pan

Cup Cake Tins













Strong, sturdy cake tins are expensive but are worth a lifetime. Basic cake tins that would be used commonly are 8-9 inch round or 7-8 inch square. But when there is need for tiered party cakes, we need to have the tins in different sizes. The tins should be atleast 4 inches deep to avoid spilling over the sides during baking. Other useful tins are the 12-section cupcake tray or individual muffin tins. Tart pans, loaf tins, fluted bundt tins are also quite useful.

 2. Electric Beaters:

Stand Mixer

Hand Mixer







Electric beaters are used to beat the ingredients for preparing the dough/batter. Stand mixers are those with the bowl attached to the beater and you need to add the ingredients directly to that bowl and adjust the speed of the beater on the top. Whereas in the hand mixer, you need to have another separate bowl, into which you ll add the ingredients and use the electric beater with your hands. Both are equally good but stand mixer is more convenient.

3. Mixing Bowls:

Mixing Bowls







Bowls of varied sizes can be used for mixing. Glass bowls are preferred to melt butter/chocolate in microwave and also could be used as a heatproof bowl to set over the saucepan during double boiling.

4. Kitchen Scale:

Kitchen Scale







Scales are used to measure the ingredients accurately. Digital scales are useful where the weight of the bowl and pans could be tared and ingredients measured appropriately.

5. Parchment/Baking Paper:

Parchment Paper







Parchment paper or the baking sheet is used to line up the baking tins, which prevents sticking of the baked goods with the tin. Butter paper could also be used for the purpose.

6. Pastry Brush:

Pastry Brush







Pastry brush is useful for greasing the tins and for brushing the cakes with glaze.

 7. Kitchen Scissors:

Kitchen Scissors







Scissors are used to cut the parchment papers for lining purpose and for cutting down the tip of the piping bags for frosting and decorating purposes.

8. Sieves:








Sieve is used for sifting the flour with other ingredients for getting them mixed well and to remove the lumps in cocoa powder, icing sugar etc. A big tea strainer can also be used for sifting purpose.

9. Spatulas:








Spatulas are flexible plastic spoons used for mixing the ingredients and very useful while scrapping down the sides of the bowl during beating.

10. Wooden Spoon:

Wooden Spoon







Wooden spoon is also used for mixing the ingredients, but the ingredients needs to be folded which is, upward and downward motion rather than in circulatory motion while using wooden spoon.

11. Cooling Rack:

Cooling Rack







Cooling rack is where the baked goods are left for cooling. This enables air to circulate on all sides helping to cool down quickly.

12. Pallete Knife:

Pallete Knife







Pallete knives are long with no sharp edges. This is mainly useful while spreading and covering the cake with cream which eases the smoothening of the icing that covers the cake.

13. Rotating tray:

Rotating Tray







Rotating tray has a fixed stand at the bottom and a rotating plate at the top. This is useful while spreading icing over the cake for decoration. The board or the serving plate with the cake is placed over the rotating tray and we don’t have to go around the cake, rather rotate the plate, thereby the cake rotates and spreading/smoothening of the cream becomes easy.

14. Piping bag and nozzle:

Piping Bag and Nozzles







Readymade piping bags are available both reusable and use and throw. Different sizes/shapes of nozzles are available and we could choose the one based on the need of decoration. We could as well prepare our own piping bags using butter paper.

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