Family Cakes – Workshop

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Family cakes are those baked at home for any casual evening snack or a special get together. Its good to have choices of baking different varieties of cakes at home. You can choose to have these cakes plain, as they are delicious on their own. You can still choose to enrich them with a frosting combo.

You can choose to learn the cake plain without frosting in that case duration for each plain cake will be 2 hours. You can also choose any frosting combination from frosting category and club it up with the cake. Duration for the cake and frosting combo would be 4 hours and the fee of frosting would be added to the fee of cake. You will get to cover the cake, decorate and take home.

Cake Fees (each)
1 Plain Vanilla Cake 500
2 Rich Chocolate Cake 600
3 Carrot Walnut Cake 750
4 Orange Chiffon Cake 750
5 Marble Cake 600
6 Honey Almond Cake 800
7 Dates & Walnut Cake 800
8 Pineapple & Coconut Cake 800
9 Chocolate Orange Cake 800
10 Cherry Almond Cake 800
11 Chocolate Coconut Cake 800
12 Red Velvet Cake 750
13 Vanilla Sponge 750
14 Chocolate Sponge 750
15 Gingerbread Cake 750
16 Pound Cake 750
17 Banana Cake 800
18 Light Fruit Cake 1000
19 Rich Fruit Cake 1200

**All materials will be provided and you will bake the whole cake from scratch and take home finished cakes.

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