Frosting Recipes

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White Chocolate Frosting

Whipped Vanilla Cream

Whipped Chocolate Cream

Mocha Frosting

Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Creamy Chocolate Frosting

Sugar Paste Fondant


















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5 thoughts on “Frosting Recipes

  1. Anupriya


    I’m looking for the perfect cream cheese frosting and butter cream frosting (i want to make a rossette cake for my niece). Can you help?

  2. Paromita Das

    I would like to know the perfect recipe for buttercream frosting. Recently I stumbled upon the recipe given by wilton which mention using vegetable shortening and butter in a 50:50 ratio. However I use 100 percent butter in buttercream. Moreover I am unable to find shortening in kolkata, though margarine is available. Kindly advise.


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