Let’s Do It with Fondbites – #LDIF

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Aspiring Cake Artists join together to work on a similar project every month with Fondbites

Here are the rules to be followed each month –

1. Each  month there will be a new concept and the whole team will be working on that particular project. On the first of every month I will coming up with the theme/concept which will be posted in the facebook group. Since it is a closed group, it will not be available for non members to see what the theme is. Members are requested to refrain from sharing the theme with others, just to increase the anxiousness of what the whole team is upto and not to break the surprise element before the mass posting of all of us.

2. You can start working on your cakes, as soon as the theme has been announced. But you have one whole month to come up with your design. Do not prolong the work till the last minute, you might end up being pressurized and that will reflect on your cake. Try to cope up with your regular work and give this project ample time and energy to come up with your best efforts.

3. You are supposed to finish the cake before 26th of each month. Any time before the date will also be highly appreciated. As and when you complete your cakes, you will post the picture in the group and await my confirmation if the cake needs any further changes, or if your picture needs improvement and if any editing is needed. Such corrections needs to be incorporated and you should take pictures after the corrections and post it back into the group. You will go ahead and start cutting your cake only after my final go ahead.

4. You can work on cakes if you would like to take practice on ganaching and if you would like to serve the cake to your family/friends. You can as well make the cake design using dummies. They will be keepsakes / display cakes. Choice is yours.

5. Until 28th we are not supposed to post the picture outside of our group. On 27th of each month all our cover picture will be changed to the group’s cover picture. On 28th at a specified time, all of us will mass post the cake picture along with a common write up that I will come up with and give you all on the 27th.

6. Your final cakes should be watermarked with your logo and that of the the group’s logo before posting it on your pages on the 28th of each month.

7. Slippage of sticking to regime will not be accepted, so join the team only if you can stick to the schedule. We just have a months time which is long enough to cope up to making stunning cakes for us!!

Here you go – Join the bandwagon – Click here to join LDIF


15. Pointillism Cakes

1. Pictures of LDIF #1 – Bird(s) having long legs




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