Novelty/3D Carved Cake Class

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Days: 18th, 19th & 20th March 2014

Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Place: Perungudi, Chennai

Fees: Rs.6000/-

Are you ready to take your cakes to the next level ?!?

Novelty Cakes that will be taught –

1. Pillow Cake

2. McQueen Car Cake

3. High Heel Shoe Box Cake

4. Rapunzel Tower Cake

5. Teddy Bear Cake


Students who would want to register are open to choose any 2 of the cakes above and that will be part of your course during the 3 day class. You will carve the cakes completely to desired shape from scratch. Ganache the unusual shape smooth and cover the cake with fondant and finish the complete decoration in a professional way. Its a complete hands-on session with individual work space.


Students registering for this workshop are required to have basic knowledge on baking and basics of fondant.

What you need to bring –

1. Cakes – Depending on what shaped cake you have chosen for your class you will have to bring cakes of sizes that I will prescribe you once after your registration. Also for carved cakes, MUD CAKES are essential to be baked and once registration has been done, I will share with you a perfect mud cake recipe and guide you on how to bake a successful mud cake thats suitable for carved cakes. I will also suggest you how many cakes to bake and in what sizes depending on the carved cakes you have chosen for yourself.

2. Ganache Again depending on what cake you have chosen,  I will provide the recipe along with appropriate measurements for preparing ganache and you need to get your ganache from home.


What you get in class –

1. Fondant – I will be providing you with the successful home made fondant recipe that you can make in your home later for covering any kind of cakes. But for the class I will be providing you with the fondant that has been colored appropriately for the cakes you have chosen.

2. A Tool Kit – As part of tools as always have been a tradition to send students with necessary tools to get back and start working, you will be given a serrated knife, offset spatula and a pastry brush.

3. All Other Materials – All the other materials that’s needed during the course of the class will be provided.

4. Business Lunch – Business lunch will be provided on all class days.


What you take back –

2 professional novelty cakes that has been completely done by you, your tool kit and loads of knowledge to start making any kind of carved cakes in the same level, in future.

To register for the class, you need to pay Rs.2000/- as advance to my account (Account no. will be provided upon request). Registration gets closed once seats are full.

For any further queries/clarifications email to /  Contact me over facebook / or Call me at 9962668422.

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