Payment Policy

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Fondbites offers three types of payment methods

1. Paypal
2. Online transfer
3. Personal Check

1. Paypal payment processing is embedded within the fondbites shopping cart and the payment happens together with placing the order. In this way the products would be accepted and shipped on the day the order has been placed. In this method billing and shipping address needs to be same as per paypal policies.

2. Online transfer is but an offline payment option. While choosing this payment method, you will be instructed to pay the total order amount to the account number mentioned with other bank details. You can make this online transfer once after placing the order. The order will be accepted for processing only after the order amount has been received into our account and would be shipped the same day.

3. Personal check is to help every one of you enjoy the fondbites store. For those of you don’t have a paypal account or online banking facility can choose this option. While choosing this payment option you will be instructed about the details of the check and the address to which it needs to be sent. Once after placing the order, you need to fill in the right details along with the total order amount and send the check safely to the mentioned address. Once the check has been received, we will accept the order and start processing. Once the check has been cleared, we would ship the products on the same day.
There are no hidden costs and just the total amount shown on the payment screen which already has the shipping charge added.

If you have any further questions related to payment, please contact us.

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