Simple Candy Clay Flower

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You could make your own flowers to decorate your cake. They are easy to make and makes your decoration very interesting. Candy clay is perfect to make your flowers as they are hard to start with and gets softer while kneading. This is a very simple version of a flower and you can make any number as it takes minimum time.


  • Candy Clay* made with 5 oz chocolate

*Check Candy Clay for the recipe


  1.  Take a small portion of the candy clay to start with and knead it well until it becomes soft to work.
  2. You can add colours at this point and knead well or you can use the colour of your chocolate.
  3. Make a ball of 1 inch diameter and roll it in shape of a sausage.
  4. Using your thumb and index finger pinch from one edge to the other flattening it to the entire length. They dont have to be even while flattening.
  5. Start turning from one edge and keep turning to finish off the entire length.
  6. Your tiny flower is now ready and you can make any number, keep them in airtight container and use them the day you want to decorate.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6







Note:  You can as well cut the candy clay into thin strips and roll it to form your flowers.You can also use other fondant materials to make a similar flower.

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