Whipped Cream Roses

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When you think of decorating your cake with flowers, this could be your first choice. The finishing is just unbelievable and the effort is very less. The magic lies on the 1M swirl decorating tip and that makes those beautiful flowers to cover up the entire cake. They are best with buttercream so they set after finishing, but I tried to check how it works with whipped cream. It was great but obviously it can never set.

What you need:

  • 1 measure vanilla cake
  • 1 measure whipped cream frosting, coloured pink
  • Wilton 1M decorating tip
  • 1 large Piping bag
  • Few sugar balls


1. Let cool your vanilla cake to reach room temperature.

Step 1

2. Place enough frosting on top of the cake and spread using your metal spatula.

Step 2

3. Smooth the top and spread over the sides and smooth sides too.

Step 3

4. Start off a 1M swirl from the sides of the cake.

Step 4

5. Make swirls very close to the one made and go on, one next to the other.

Step 5

6. Finish the entire sides of the cake with swirls.

Step 6

7. Now move to one layer on top and start making the swirls and finish that layer.

Step 7

8. Make swirls in layers like this until it reaches the top of the cake and finish off to completely cover up the entire cake. Arrange the sugar balls on top of each swirl and finish.

Step 8

 How to Swirl:

This is how the 1 M tip looks like

1 M Decorating tip

Fit the decorating tip in your piping bag and fill it up with the frosting.

1. Place the tip on top of where you need the swirl in 90 degrees angle and press firmly to get the frosting out to form a floret.

2. Swirl in anti-clockwise direction and come down around the floret.

3. Again going around the floret go up and finish off. Release pressure from the piping bag and move the tip off the cake.

1 M Swirl

Simple enough?


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