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Bake Along #140 – Magic Bars

Magic bars are something that I tried years back. When I was on a lookout for finding recipes for one of the workshops I had with kids, this sounded to be apt. Later I realized, not just for kids, but [...]

Bake Along #139 – Twix Cake

I have been longing for years to make this cake and I am mighty happy to have finished making it today. I am also in love with how the cake has turned out. Its is much more delicious than the [...]

Bake Along #138 – Cheesy Spice Bombs

I have been eying on these cheesy spice bombs for a while now and I was literally craving with just the thought of making them. These are versatile as you can flavor them with different spices. The texture of the [...]

Bake Along #137 – Almond Brownies

It is the start of the year 2017. Change is the only constant. And any change is for a greater beginning. Bake along is becoming a monthly activity from this year and a lot of excitement following it. While I [...]

Bake Along #136 – Apple Crumb Pie

Apple pie was always on my wishlist. Though apple or any fruits for that matter is not my ideal choice, I had been postponing it. But the idea of adding streusel on to the pie made it very interesting and [...]

Bake Along #134 – Cardamom Pistachio Frankenstein Cake

When two different celebrations fall very close to each other, something like this happens. An ethnic flavored cake to suit our taste palette for the festival of lights, Diwali and decorated for Halloween as Frankenstein Pistachios and cardamom in a [...]

Bake Along #132 – Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cake

Brown butter was in my check list for almost a year. I was waiting for the perfect time to get my hands on it. I had my own insight about it and I was trying to feel and taste it [...]

Bake Along #131 – Brookies

Love for brownies and I was hunting to chance upon another brilliant brownie recipe. Though I am all happy with the brownies that I make and there can’t be anything better than that , So how do we twist it [...]

Bake Along #130 – Bread Pizza Rolls

Few days, you may be lazing out ( well, most of the days ). So what can you do if you need a quick fix for a snack and you also have some left over bread slices that you want [...]

Bake Along #129 – Orange Truffles

Orange is my favorite flavor. As a child, I used to crave orange in chocolate form. My favorite cream biscuit is orange . So these truffles were in my wish list for a really long time and finally here and [...]

Bake Along #128 Japanese Cheese Cake

Japanese Cheese Cake aka Cotton Soft Cheese Cake. By its name, this is one of the most softest cake that you will ever experience. Very, very light , soft and spongy and as exactly as a cotton. But these are [...]

Bake Along #127 – Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée (Pronounced – Krem-bru-leh), is a classic french dessert which is nothing but a baked custard topped with sugar which is then caramelized using a blow torch. It was in my wish list for years together and until I [...]

Bake Along #126 – Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies are one of the finest of cookies that I have ever tasted. These are soft as a slice of cake, stable as a cookie with a really light crunchiness on the edges. Red Velvet cookies have a [...]

Bake Along #125 – Double Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate in any cakey form needs an accompaniment in the form of a topping. It could be a simple drizzle of chocolate sauce to upto some elaborate frosting. My hunt towards eating a plain chocolate in the form of cake [...]

Bake Along #124 – Mango Pound Cake

When mangoes are in the season, we need to make the most out of it. Nothing can beat the humble slice of naked cake with a tad drizzle of icing sugar. I have figured out the reverse creaming method always [...]

Bake Along #123 – Mango Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille is a french dessert which is nothing but layers of caramelized puff pastry sheets sandwiched with luscious cream, ideally Pastry Creme (Crème Pâtissière), which in this case is made richer by adding butter and so it is a [...]

Bake Along #122 – Spiced Garlic Pull Apart Bread

I love garlic bread in any form and it adds more drama if spices are infused together with garlic. This is one of the amazingly soft buns you might have ever made. And what makes it more easy is to [...]

Bake Along #121 – Cafe Mocha Cupcakes

These are for those coffee addicts. Most of my chocolate cakes have a hint of coffee which enhances the chocolate flavor. But here, I have gone further more and made the coffee strong that knocks down with a punch. You [...]

Bake Along #120 – Honey Oats Bread

This has happened to be the bread of my home in the recent times. I am making this quite often as I have fallen in love with this bread and how oats is giving its texture and the honey giving [...]

Bake Along #119 – Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

Somehow these days it is always craving for sweets. I need a break. Nevertheless the idea of fudgy brownies with crunchy chocolate chip cookies is a marriage made in heaven. While I was going through quite a lot of recipes [...]

Bake Along #118 – Nankhatai

Nankhatais are the most simplest to make which has amazing flavor and melt in your mouth. I used to make Nankhatais and was supplying a coffee shop long back. And I have made several flavors just by adding different extract. [...]

Bake Along #117 – Lemon Brownies

While I was going through what next will fascinate me, these lovely brownies caught my eyes. Lemon citrus flavor which would also be fudgy with the right amount of sweetness and the term ‘Brownies’ will make it to die for. [...]

Bake Along #116 – Simple Chocolate Fudge

Recently when I had a share of the chocolate fudge which was gifted to me, I decided that is the one. I was never fascinated by the simple no bake dishes where not much complexity is involved. But at times, [...]

Bake Along #115 – Best Ever Biscotti

Biscottis are a great snack, because they can be made in huge numbers and stored for long. Dunked into tea or coffee makes a great pair for the evening. And the flavors that can be added to have a range [...]

Bake Along #114 – Chocolate Barks

Chocolate barks have fascinated me in the recent times. They looked so lovely, jewel like and added lots of colour to the candy as well as life They make amazing gifts during holidays, festivals and return gifts. Once the bark [...]

Bake Along #113 – Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake

That’s only during this season of the year, I use strawberries and if I skip this now, I may never use it for the rest of the year. But at the same time, I had a lovely pack of butter [...]

Bake Along #112 – Meringue Kisses

Meringue kisses are very light and according to me, flavor bombs when they come in different flavors and exciting to pick every other one after the other . I had hand full of natural flavor extracts which I keep collecting [...]

Bake Along #111 – Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

I have made mousse in different methods and was always fascinated by the shortest and the simplest ways, because mostly they were used as fillings inside a cake and they were one of multiple other components that goes inside. But [...]

Bake Along #110 – Coconut Macaroons

Most of us would have the nostalgic thought about this delicacy. Being a kid and having bought these from the near by bakeries and relishing it. It is much fun to make them at home and surprise our families. This [...]

Bake Along #109 – Puff Pastry Chicken Pockets

Making puff pastry is a very satisfying process, a labor of love. Contrarily, I was also amazed at the fact of the ready puff pastry sheets. They are not very expensive, keep them frozen and then you have dishes to [...]

Bake Along #108 – Hokkaido Milk Bread

Baking breads for family and then baking it over and over again every time the family needs bread. That was on my wish list and I never could make it happen. Hokkaido milk bread is one of the softest bread [...]

Bake Along #107 – Naked Cake – Sour Cream Cake with Sour Cream Buttercream

Everything about the year 2019 was amazing and I was only learning new things all year through. And so I really wanted to do something new to begin with and Naked Cakes are something I haven’t tried my hands at. [...]

Bake Along #106 – Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie is a crisp cookie which has a printed/written message inside it, when you open it. The message could be a saying or a fortune. These are usually served in Chinese restaurants as a dessert, in other countries but [...]

Bake Along #105 – Srilankan Rich Fruit Cake

Ever since I started baking cakes for Christmas, I wanted to make a traditional native cake. Srilankan Fruit Cake has always fascinated me for more than couple of years now. And I never expected that fascinating dream of mine would [...]

Bake Along #104 – Granola

Well, you need to trust me. These are not caramel popcorns . Occasionally, yet frequently, and as confused intervals possible I jump into the diet mode and I begin them with having granola for my breakfast. With so much of [...]

Bake Along #103 – Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons are perfect for mini gifts / return gifts. It also comes ideal when we are on the roads and want to have that hot cuppa for that sudden craving. I was blown away by just the fact [...]

Bake Along #102 – Blackforest Cookies

Blackforest as a cake is very fascinating, when suddenly I had the idea of make its cookie form. I was in the hunt of finding new flavors and how to put the flavors to work. I got opened up to [...]

Bake Along #101 – Caramel Candies

Caramel candies were fascinating me for a long while and finally done and dusted today. I tried twice already and the texture and flavour of these final babies totally depends on when you stop the caramel. As I had always [...]

Bake Along #100 – The Celebration Cake

This needs a celebration. Almost two full years and it keeps counting There are 2 inspirations behind Bake Along. The first time I realized there was some place online to rely on baking was Joy Of Baking. I used to [...]

Bake Along #99 – Chocolate Eclairs

That one step into the world of french pastries. I have immeasurable fear on this entire chapter and it took me so long to actually try my hands on this. Countless times of extensive self learning, lot of books on [...]

Bake Along #98 – Pumpkin Cupcakes Spiced White Chocolate Mousse

Halloween is so looked forward to by so many enthusiastic people all around the world. Though most of the times, when I schedule my calendar, I miss out on quite a few important festivals. I am seriously engrossed in my [...]

Bake Along #97 – Color Pencil Cookies

It felt so nostalgic when I was sharpening these pencils using a typical blade with which I used to sharpen pencils the days I used to go to school. Here, I say, I used to sharpen the pencil and that [...]

Bake Along #96 – Pizza Pinwheels

Most of the times, my family waits patiently, to even taste what was being baked, until I finish taking all my photos. But today was not one such day!! Irresistibly tempting!! I wanted to have a fool proof cottony soft [...]

Bake Along #95 – L’Opera

L’Opera has a history dated past in the last century. However the story behind this dessert is not clear and it will never be. There are 2 sides to how the dessert first came into existence. Read over this link [...]

Bake Along #94 – Vegetable Cheese Shots

These are a quick fix snack, a good lunch box idea and also a fun way to include any vegetable of choice that you have been wondering how to add it into your menu. The best part I liked about [...]

Bake Along #93 – Coffee Cake

One bowl cakes are my to go recipes and for a coffee addict like me, this one is a boon. I have always wanted to try a coffee cake and every time I had that in my mind this was [...]

Bake Along #92 – Baked Egg Toast

Once in a while, we deserve to serve hot breakfast that gets done in minutes. I used to enjoy the bread toasted on tawa with loads of ghee and the semi boiled egg which is seasoned just with salt and [...]

Bake Along #91 – Caramel Orange Upside Down Cake

I have always been inspired by the upside down cakes, but I have never got down to making one of them. It used to be one in my wish list to make upside down pineapple cake, the times when I [...]

Bake Along #90 – Puff Pastry – Veg / Egg Puffs

Every time I read through recipes that has the store bought puff pastry, I just skip that recipe and move on. And later when I realized that is one bigger part of the baking world, I wanted to make puff [...]

Bake Along #89 – Spritz Cookies

We are growing near the milestones of #100 Bake Along and the 2 year completion, well more than couple of months for the latter. Still, it looks intimidating for me to move on to certain categories that have not been [...]

Bake Along #88 – Chocolate Caramel Tart

I like when caramel dominates as a single component and when it combines with chocolate. These decadent chocolate based caramel tarts are one such divine combination that melts in your mouth with rich flavour of chocolate and the subtle caramel [...]

Bake Along #87 – Lemon Loaf

Well this week has gone crazy for me. I am totally sleep deprived, sleeping 3 hours a day and constantly working during the rest of the day and night. I am working on something new which was my dream mission [...]

Bake Along #86 – Homemade Turtle Candies

Well when you are left with nothing but you and if your perseverance heads ahead of you, this might be what you will do too!! My camera is like my baby. In just less than an hour, I had to [...]

Bake Along #85 – Crispy Baked Chicken

I am an addict of fried chicken. While my family would prefer kebabs/tikka, I rather would prefer those crispy fried chicken , What that does to me, I might know the facts but to eat is to live. So who [...]

Bake Along #84 – Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Choco chip cookies are one of the first few recipes that I have tried when I started baking. I have tried quite a few recipes during these years. These are my daughter’s favorite and very few things that she really [...]

Bake Along #83 – Classic Pancakes

I am not a regular pan cake maker. But every year once the school reopens after summer, I get this shock. What snack to pack for kids. I come over it in a few months, but not in a nice [...]

Bake Along #82 – Thoothukudi Macaroons

This one gave me all high today. I have been postponing to bake these beautiful macaroons for quite a while. The hunt on the original recipe didn’t turn out to be a success. Real secret recipes probably. But there wouldn’t [...]

Bake Along #81 – Best Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream

Every baker hunts for recipes, search never ends. I have found my best vanilla cake really long back. But I never stopped. Now I have almost 5 best recipes that work well for a vanilla cake. But when it comes [...]

Bake Along #80 – KitKat Cupcakes Caramel Milk Chocolate Whipped Ganache

The idea behind making these droolicious kitkat cupcakes have been in my mind more than almost couple of years ago. I first came across when one of my bestie, baker cum blogger, made these for her stall and obviously it [...]

Bake Along #79 – Herbed Focaccia

Sometimes during the wee hours of the night, it is apt to just go ahead and start the recipe as my morning has tooo many things in store for me , Herbed Focaccia it is and I love the way [...]

Bake Along #78 – Classic Yellow Cake

While I was going through what we can bake this week, I realized we do not have one of the most classic of all bakes, the yellow cake. When I started baking, few terms fascinated me, and yellow cake was [...]

Bake Along #77 – Gluten Free Cashew Cranberry Cookies

While I had little time to research more on gluten free cakes, and bakes on the healthier side, I knew how important that subject of the study is. I think it has to be one’s forte to work on healthy [...]

Bake Along #76 – Baked Potato Wedges

I am one kind of shamelessly junk food person . In my recent visits to Bengaluru, I had this thing happen and I thought I will shamelessly again share that with you. In the city I live, Chennai – Kababs [...]

Bake Along #75 – Mango Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert which was originally made by mixing thickened cream, egg whites and honey and is then baked on water bath. Something close to baking custard. Alternatively Panna Cotta have now been widely prepared as a [...]

Bake Along #74 – Best Caramel Cake Ever

Caramel is the first best flavour of my choice. Not even chocolate. It is so divine that it is very very difficult to let go of it. And I presume it is the same with so many of you out [...]

Bake Along #73 – Carrot Muffins

This is redundant, for those who have browsed through all my older recipes. I have been traveling the whole week, yet I felt I should directly connect with you all, and it is definitely alright to dig out some of [...]

Bake Along #72 – Sour Cream Cheddar Basil Drop Biscuits

This week we have a guest post, from the most awesome person one can ever come across. Gayathri Kumar of Gayathri’s Cook Spot who blogs at Such an awesome soul one could ever come across in every aspect of [...]

Bake Along #71 – Bourbon Biscuits

One of my favourite biscuits is bourbon, atleast for splitting the layers and licking the cream inside. Who would not have done that ?! . I am basically an orange person, I used to pick up orange cream biscuits, elachi [...]

Bake Along #70 – Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

The incredible molten chocolate lava cake that is! When I first saw this dreamy thing, couple of years back, I used to think, this is not any difficult at all. If you could fill up your cup half with batter, [...]

Bake Along #69 – Baked Caramel Popcorn

Ours is a movie buff family. We just can’t handle outdoors, me and my kids atleast. So my husband’s job is to keep us occupied during the weekends and going out for movies is the only choice out. I so [...]

Bake Along #68 – French Macarons

French macarons, need I say more!! The fear of many failures kept me away from it from years back. Finally with less number of attempts and just a couple of failures, this should be my second right attempt and with [...]

Bake Along #67 – Empanadas

I am most of the times not inclined towards savory baking. To me baking means something sweet. Journey of bake along started for the cause of boosting confidence to new commercial home bakers who can keep themselves updated with the [...]

Bake Along #66 – An Entremet, a maiden attempt

Until and unless the day arrives, or until and unless someone pushes us into, there is only a feeble chance that a self taught baker would try an entremet ( Pronounced – ontromo ). One such day happened to me, [...]

Bake Along #65 – Traditional Greek Moussaka

I’m a typical South Indian and had no clue about the continental nomenclatures until baking happened to me. Once after this baking storm hit my life and when I decided there is no looking back, I realized only thing that [...]

Bake Along #64 – Potato Buns

Sometimes it feels great to have a neutral flavour and then it is upto us to decide to pair it up with savory or something sweet or even just a warm glass of milk or a slash of butter. Something [...]

Bake Along #63 – Queen of Puddings

I was dreaming all about some heavenly vegetable pizza in shape of hearts Almost a week and I was dreaming about it, with half wheat and half all-purpose flour. But there are quite unfortunate times when things does not fall [...]

Bake Along #62 – Surprise Inside Chocolate Hearts Cake

I have never tried a surprise inside cake all these years. And am really excited and happy that I did it today and all the more happy that it is all chocolaty. Surprise inside cakes were predominantly done by Amanda [...]

Bake Along #61 – Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies

And that we are entering the month of Valentines, it sounds exciting to work with red and hearts .Nothing sounds fascinating than the Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies and that if you can cut them into wholesome hearts, it can’t [...]

Bake Along #60 – Chocolate Orange Tart

It’s been so many days I tried a tart, probably almost a year. And since then I wanted to make a chocolate pastry and I wouldn’t let go of this opportunity I also didnt want to keep it simple as [...]

Bake Along #59 – Karachi Biscuits

I know the picture does not do justice to the name of the post. But on a honest note, I should need some real courage to name the post so !! Agree or not ?!? I wanted to make some [...]

Bake Along #58 – Sesame Bread Rings

After having inaugurated my work horse KA, cake making started becoming a breeze. Go walking around, pick up stuffs, drop them in and let it do its work. Whoaa!! So how would it be to let it work out the [...]

Bake Along #57 – Lavender Almond Cake

Lavender has always been fascinating me right from my childhood atleast for the colour and then when I realized it has a distinct flavour, it followed me to baking. Just as a matter of fact, I could only settle down [...]

Bake Along #56 – Classic Chicken Pot Pie

Ending the year with some lip smacking savory, Classic Chicken Pot Pie. For the heavy dose of festival delights, it would be great to break down the sugar over dose and that would also be a nice way to welcome [...]

Bake Along #55 – Chocolate Fruit Cake

This is something that I have been drooling over since a year. Everyone during the season are too busy whipping up the seductive batter of the rich fruit cakes counting the number of days their fruits were soaking, I wanted [...]

Bake Along #54 – Yule Log

And that I have been itching for a year now!! I will have very little to talk this week and a lot more to show you…. Am so loving that effect, for every time we bakers have to worry about [...]

Bake Along #53 – Meringue Mushrooms

Meringue mushrooms have been in my mind since a year. Last year during the month of December I wanted to bake these beauties but I have had few failures with the simple meringue during my start of baking experiments and [...]

Bake Along #52 – Chicken Wreath

And the festive mood should be set on. To welcome the most awaited month of the whole year and before we land up with every thing sweet, here is to the celebration with some lip-smacking dinner. As delicious as it [...]

Bake Along #51 – Neapolitan Cake

Bake Along is one year and the celebrations are already over. But there has to be a cake and it has to be special. I always wanted to try out neapolitan cake. And yes, I had no idea why these [...]

Bake Along #50 – Classic Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a coffee flavoured Italian Dessert. Savoiardi or the lady finger is one of the key components of the dessert. They are soaked in sweetened coffee syrup which also has Marsala for the added alcohol flavour. These soaked cookies [...]

Bake Along #49 – Mini Quiche

This week again, we have a guest post from one of the most regular members of Bake Along , Jyothi Rajesh. She also blogs very frequently and tries to be very regular in her own blog as well. I like [...]

Bake Along #48 – Garlic Knots

This week is special. One, because I am visiting North India first time in my life ever. Second, out of all the blues I managed to get this weeks post up, without breaking the chain. Heart felt thanks to Vineeta [...]

Bake Along #47 – Watalappam ( Coconut Milk Jaggery Pudding)

Festival is just round the corner with so much fun and I have a special week for myself with my family. We have already done Flan for week #25. But I wanted to do something that is very native and [...]

Bake Along #46 – Pizza Bread Cups

These beautiful cups were so long on my mind but then there has to be a perfect time for everything to show up. And that time just came by, that being such a lazy weekend. Had been wanting to try [...]

Bake Along #45 – Cashew Crescent Cookies

That might not be a long story, but just that I tried hard not to disappoint you all. But won’t you agree I’m not properly organized and yes lazy and irresponsible ? Well! Yes this time, you would definitely agree! [...]

Bake Along #44 – Olive Oil Cheese Flat Bread

That’s time for something cheesy. But where is the cheeeessseeee!? Trust me! There is cheese here… Don’t scroll down to the final picture at the end of the post. You might be right! They are hiding inside I liked how [...]

Bake Along #43 – Motichoor Kesar Gulab Cheesecake

This seems very dreamy and so fascinating. Isn’t it ?!? Motichoor as the base, Kesar Cheesecake with Gulab glaze. How Indian can this get ? It feels so fresh to me. And so to brief up, we were having some [...]

Bake Along #42 – Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes are a rage, irrespective of the age. The flavour is neither vanilla-ish nor chocolaty! That is the secret behind these pretty beauties. A tinge of cocoa powder along with buttermilk, vinegar and baking soda brings in the [...]

Bake Along #41 – Chocolate Cookies

Every time I pass through a cookie shop, the aroma of freshly baked cookies pulls me to the shop. I check out all the names of the cookies being displayed. And finally don’t buy any and walk off with total [...]

Bake Along #40 – Hazelnut White Chocolate Cake

I’m so thrilled and excited this week. And so I will have less to talk about the cake and more about why I’m this thrilled. I was not a very positive person few years back. Though life seemed good, if [...]

Bake Along #39 – Nutella Brioche

I recently came across this beautiful creation by one of my friend. And with all fascination I headed to try it. How in the world can this pattern be even possible? Was the first question that came to my mind. [...]

Bake Along #38 – Basic Marble Loaf

This is the first time I am baking marble cake myself. Every time I think about it, I used to think what is so special about it? I know to bake the best vanilla cake and I can also whip [...]

Bake Along #37 – Ragi Carrot Walnut Cake

Baking with Ragi and in turn with other millets. How fascinating does that sound. And if goodness of ragi is jam packed with whole lot of other healthy ingredients, those we thought will never go together in one recipe? Sounds [...]

Bake Along #36 – Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake

This week is special because, I like to play this flavour game once in a while, to just kindle the awesome brains we have which needs some extra push and to bring in that extra hormones gearing up for the [...]

Bake Along #35 – Date Squares

I was running a baker’s block. That might seem a bit scary, but I guess it happens to everyone. I have heard of blogger’s block. Because few of my friends are bloggers and they tell me, they dont blog over [...]

Bake Along #34 – Orange Cream Biscuits

I am always inclined towards something that has orange flavour. As a kid I remember I used to gobble a whole pack of orange cream biscuits as an after school snack. The flavour, aroma and yes licking off the cream [...]

Bake Along # 33 – Garlic Cheese Rolls with surprise(s)

Surprise(s)??!? Some time back when I was running out of ideas for sending lunch boxes for my kids, one of my friend suggested me make garlic rolls. I was like what is that!? She told me, it doesn’t need any [...]

Bake Along # 32 – Almond Streusel Cake

Craving for something sweet! Streusel is a word I heard about a year back and I was skeptical about the idea of crumbling flour, sugar and butter.I would rather eat a piece of soft and fluffy cake why streusel? What [...]

Bake Along #31 – Onion Tomato Schiacciata

Come on, say it with me, Skietch-ATTA. Ok, lets start from here, say again Sketch-Atta. Now a slight twist with the ‘e’, but we are not dragging, real quick. Again Skietch-Atta. Oh yeah! thats it . That’s how easy it [...]

Bake Along #30 – Best Vanilla Cupcakes Ever

The Bake Along list is always some thing that is fascinating, something that is rare and I had to go on digging to find out what next. While there are still some of the basic stuff to do, with the [...]

Bake Along #29 – Homemade Cheese Crackers

Kids back to school and its time again for moms to brain storm for every single part of the day. Starting from what you can feed them in the morning before packing them off to school, to what can you [...]

Bake Along #28 – Everything I Ever Wanted in a Brownie

This week is pretty much special. There is quite a lot of suspense in the air this time. I was into flavour hunt in the recent past and I thought it will be fun if we had a game to [...]

Bake Along #27 – No Bake Mango Cheesecake

That’s a no bake mango cheesecake as we are heading to the 27th week and it is already end of summer here in India which naturally means we are also coming to the end of the King of fruits season, [...]

Bake Along #26 – Churros

Its summer here and mostly all families are on vacation and high chances that Bake Along went on vacation too. But I decided to do some home work and have some in pipeline not really wanting to break the chain. [...]

Bake Along #25 – Classic Creme Caramel / Flan

As we have landed up on the 25th week bake along, to celebrate the lovely journey I decided to do something that we haven’t done yet with the group. Flan is something I was waiting to come out of my [...]

Bake Along #24 – One Bowl Mocha Cake

There are times, very rarely happens in our lives, we sleep odd timings, work really odd timing and then it keeps going, and we will be waiting for a break ourselves. Such a worth full time am going through and [...]

Bake Along #23 – Lamingtons!

Lamington is a dessert that originated in Australia. They are squares of sponge cakes coated on all sides with a traditional chocolate sauce and then coated with dessicated coconut. The chocolate layer is absorbed on the outer layer of the [...]

Bake Along #22 – Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Glaze & Sugar Doughnuts

I have attempted doughnuts earlier and I was pretty happy with the results. Yet the cream filled doughnuts used to fascinate me every time I buy and taste them. One of many recipes that I needed a hang on and [...]

Bake Along #21 – Melting Moments (Whole Wheat)

Melting moments were in my mind for quite sometime, wanted to really taste how something will melt in my mouth. And I thought probably its just faking out and not really true. And this is a special week for the [...]

Bake Along #20 – Swiss Rolls

Swiss Rolls are one of the fascinating dishes in the very long to-list of each ones baking bucket. Until the first time we make, its the most complicated thing ever too! So there has to be a first time for [...]

Bake Along #19 – Scottish Oatcake

Oatcake is a kind of flatbread, similar to crackers made with oatmeal and sometimes with some flour too. They are cooked on a griddle or they are baked. There is another variety of oatcake which is cooked like pancake, but [...]

Bake Along #18 – Caramel Cake

More than a year back, when I had to bake a butterscotch or a caramel cake, it had brown sugar and though I had no better choice I assumed that’s the cake. It seemed the best to me, until one [...]

Bake Along #17 – Whole Wheat Cashewnut Rolls

We have quite a bunch of health freaks who are baking along wanting to try healthy bakes, less of gluten possibly no gluten at all. During times when I started learning how to bake, I never got hooked to such [...]

Bake Along #16 – Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Creamy Coffee Buttercream

After having skipped a week, and after some detailed brainstorming I thought something decadent makes sense to compensate! Simple ones are sometimes most satisfying and everyone would agree that on a chocolate cupcake. And if that’s one of the best [...]

Bake Along #15 – Honey Almond Cake

This week I’m baking for both Bake Along #15 and for HBG‘s MasterChef Monday. I wanted to bake something very interesting and I narrowed down the category to healthy bakes. While I was brain storming, 2 precious recipe books whose [...]

Bake Along #14 – Stromboli / Calzone / Pizza

I’m combining 3 in 1. Pizza, Calzone and Stromboli. While last week I said I ll do stromboli later sometime, I thought I should finish it as so many were desperate about it. And the idea of combining all the [...]

Bake Along #13 – Classic Chicken Lasagna

Lasagna is one dish which I was so fascinated about for quite some time but was intimidating enough to try it out myself. Though many of my friends have repeatedly told me they are not very complicated but just assembling [...]

Bake Along #12 – Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse

Thats valentine’s week and something red or pink makes sense. Its all the more special if we used a fresh ingredient and thats strawberry. I happen to glance through my friend Ruchira who blogs at Tadka Pasta posted this awesome [...]

Bake Along #11 – Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound Cake

I had cream cheese bought to make some cheese cake in indian form :), then I thought I should try something else and narrowed down to Japanese cottony soft cheese cake. It looked totally divine. I have become a custard [...]

Bake Along #10 – Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is basically a sponge cake that is soaked with 3 kinds of milk, traditionally they are evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. The cake is necessarily a sponge which is totally fat free and could take [...]

Bake Along #9 – Orange Caraway Seeds Bundt Cake

Fondbites, Bake Along is 2 months strong now. We have been baking one recipe every week and I thought its time to think of some thing healthy. I have plans to add healthy/vegan recipes, but this one is not exactly [...]

Bake Along #8 – No Knead Soft Cinnamon Rolls (Eggless) – Pioneer Woman’s Recipe

Yeast is a beast that most of us would want to beat it. I really had yeastophobia few months back and it was a tough fight to understand the chemistry but I should also agree I still have not mastered [...]

Bake Along #7 – Caramel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake

The first bake of the year 2014, and I wanted to do something with all that I crave about, with just the thought of it. Chocolate, caramel and caramelized peanuts! I’m a fan of snickers and I always wanted to [...]

Bake Along #6 – Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house was on my wish list for more than a year and this year I feel so happy to have accomplished it. I tried to make the decoration all simple with royal icing and few piping. I also could [...]

Bake Along #5 – Christmas Truffles

I see truffles in 2 different ways. One has the center made of icing sugar and cream flavoured as per choice, or a nicely set ganache. This one I am going to show you is made with cake. As much [...]

Bake Along #4 – Rich Fruit Cake

Baking fruit cakes is any bakers dream. I was aspiring to solve all the puzzles behind one rich and traditional fruit cake and I did accomplish to some extent one year back. And the whole year through my dream again [...]

Bake Along #3 – Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Cookies make a great idea for festive gifts. There are quite a lot of cookies that you could bake and fifill up your goodie bag. It was brain storming to narrow down to this one finally. I wanted to make [...]

Bake Along #2 – Dulce De Leche Brownies Caramel Brownies

Brownies are fudge like cakes, with a gooey center and a crusty top. There are quite a few varieties of brownies that one could make, starting from rich chocolate brownies, mocha brownies, pecan brownies, white chocolate brownies, cream cheese brownies, [...]

Bake Along #1 – Vanilla Fantasise

Fondbites Bake Along is a series of baking marathon, where a group of enthusiastic bakers join together to bake a similar recipe every week and share their results and discuss the outcome and scope of improvement. Bake Along #1, is [...]

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