Online Cake Decorating Contest

Fondbites Rendezvous is conducting an online cake decorating contest for all aspiring Bakers & Cake Artists. There are 4 categories to choose from and there will be 4 finalists in each category. One Ultimate winner in each category will get a winning cash prize of ₹10,000/-, a trophy and a certificate. 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner up positions will be awarded a trophy and certificate.

Winner announcement and the Awards Presentation will take place on 29th June, 2019 at the Gala dinner.

3 tiers or more
No height restrictions
Dummies, floral wires, floral tapes & dowels are the only permitted  non-edible mediums.
 All tiers of the cake should  be covered with Fondant. The decorative elements can be made of gum paste,  chocolate etc.
Use only Non-reflective boards for final photography
Cakes should be carved to shape as per the chosen theme.
Cakes, rice krispies or dummies can be used.
Supporting structure is allowed within the cake.
Fondant should be  used to cover the cake.
Gumpaste/Flower paste/ Rice paste/ Bean paste can be used for making the sugar flowers
Flower should represent a botanical flower in nature.
Fantasy flowers are not allowed.
  • Usage of an internal structure is a must
  • The cake should be defying the gravity
  • Cakes/Rice krispy treats are allowed.
  • Dummies are not allowed
  • Picture of a slice of the completed cake is a must.

Common Rules

Last date to submit your entries for the competition – 25th May 2019
Finalists will be announced on – 7th June 2019
One entry per person per category is allowed.
No inedible part should be exposed anywhere in the final photography
Pictures should not contain any watermark
A clean background photography or a professional photography is a must
Minimum 3 pictures of work in progress should be sent along with your entry
A brief description of your work that you want to share with the judges should be sent along with your entry.
Two eye level pictures of your entry as a whole is a must.
A brief description of your work that you want to share with the judges should be sent along with your entry.
One e-mail per category containing all the above information should be e-mailed to
Competition entries should not be posted anywhere in the public or any social media until the reveal of the winners
Entries made already for other occasions are not permitted to enter the competition. A new cake has to be made specifically for entering the contest.
Prizes must be claimed at the Event. If you are unable to attend the event, the cash prize will not be given, however, the trophy and the certificates will be mailed.

Judging Criteria

Our judging panel will assess each entry based on the below criteria on each category

2. Sense of colors
3. Difficulty of techniques

4. Composition
5. Overall appearance/ presentation
6. Photography


Rumana Jaseel

Arati Mirji

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer

Radha Dhaka