What you Learn
Layer it
Learn to layer a cake using the perfect method keeping the filling intact
Multigrain Breads
Learn to make a fool-proof multigrain bread using native grains and seeds
Gelato & Sorbet
Learn to make Mango & Strawberry Sorbet and Vanilla & Chocolate Gelato
Learn to decode pricing your baked products in our industry.
Bean to Bar
Learn to make your own couverture chocolate from the scratch using cocoa nibs
Layer it

Subhashini Ramsingh

Duration : 45 minutes (10:30 am – 11:15 am )
Date : 29th June 2019

In this session Subhashini Ramsingh will demonstrate

  • The right proportion of the sponge to the filling
  • How to layer a cake the easiest way without letting the filling ooze out between the layers
  • How to keep the height of the filling intact in your cake
  • How to use more than one component in between 2 sponges and still retain the height of each filling
  • Different kinds of home-made flavoring components
  • Different kinds of bases for making different mousse/filling

A complete handbook containing whole set of recipes for making 8 different gourmet cakes along with the cakes that are part of the ‘Taste Match’ will be given to each participant.

Multigrain Breads

Harini Sankarnarayan

Duration : 45 minutes (11:30 am – 12:15 pm )
Date: 29th June 2019

In this session Harini Sankarnarayan will demonstrate a Multi Grain Bread. In this session you will learn how to

  • work with multi grain flour and seeds to create a delicious, healthy bread.
  • Some foolproof techniques to make sure that your multi grain breads do not become hard
  • learn to extract the maximum nutrition from seeds and when and how to add them to your bread
  • the ratio and proportions of various flours to create a truly customised loaf
Gelato & Sorbet

Chef Jins Paul

Duration : 45 minutes (9:30 am – 10.15 am)
Date : 30th June 2019
In this session Chef Jins Paul will demonstrate

  • Difference between an Gelato & a Sorbet
  • How to make different flavored ice cream and sorbets.
  • This session will showcase the exclusive making of Sorbet and Gelato. On the Sorbet front Mango Sorbet made with Fresh mango pulp and Strawberry Sorbet with Strawberry, sugar glucose water and fresh mint leaves and Vanilla and Chocolate Gelato

A recipe handout will be given to all participants


Subhashini Ramsingh

Duration: 45 mins (10:30 am – 11:15 am)
Date : 30th June 2019

In this session Subhashini Ramsingh will

  • Completely decode pricing of baked products in our industry.
  • Teach how to use the excel to alter the pricing based on individual choices
  • Also teach how to create the pricing chart for new recipes using the same excel.
  • Provide a soft copy of a completely charted out pricing excel of all the 8 gourmet cakes as part of the ‘Taste Match’ recipe handbook.
Bean to Bar

Nitin L Chordia

Duration : 45 minutes (11:30 am – 12:15 pm)
Date : 30th June 2019
In this session Nitin L Chordia will

  • Discuss about different kinds of cocoa beans, roasting them, removing the shell and preparing the cocoa nibs
  • Discuss the equipment needed for making the chocolate
  • Show the process of making couverture chocolate from the scratch ( cocoa beans)
  • Introduce tempering and moulding of chocolate
  • Discuss how to make chocolate bars, bon bons, truffles out of the chocolate

Nitin’s organic cocoa nibs will be available for purchase at the venue along with the equipment used for making couverture chocolate at home