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Fab Flavors Pvt LTD

Fab Flavours & Fragrance P. Ltd was started in the year 1993 though the roots of the parent company is since 1919. Since then they have been supplying flavours to various national and multinational companies within India Their Mission is to contribute to the growth of flavours industry through sustained research and development and to launch new products to fulfil the needs of clients.Their vision is to be among top players in the flavours industry and to set standards for the industry in terms of quality and pricing through constant research and development. Fab Flavors’ foray into the retail segment started with many chocolatier and baker friends sampled their oil soluble flavours. Slowly they realized that there is a huge market for good quality flavors. Regular range of Oil Soluble Flavours were launched in the year 2010. In 2016, saw many more Premium range of Oil Soluble flavours being introduced. In the year 2017Evaporex was introduced. This is a non alcoholic substitute for painting with edible colours, luster dusts and airbrushing with colours and dusts.

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New Arife Lamould

Whether you’re a Pastry Chef by profession or simply like to bake as a hobby, Arife Lamoulde is a shop you need to head out to.While Arife specialises in all kinds of tins and moulds (from silicone to non-stick to aluminium) in all shapes and size, they also have a crazy variety of baking tools and ingredients. They stock Chocolate slabs sugar paste gum paste ,fondant as well as fondant cutters and cookie cutters, chocolate wrappers, different spatulas, knives, and palette knives, cake turntables, different nozzles for piping, as well as food dye, paint brushes, and fondant moulds in short we have A to Z of baking.


Sugarin is a quality manufacturer of Food Colors and Sugar Dough Products. “Quality always wins” as our motto, we are committed to giving not just high quality products but a great experience to our customers. Colour selection for a cake artist is very important. It’s important to choose the right color palette. Sugarin food colors are ideal for coloring frosting, sugar paste or cake batter and are available for different in medium such as gel colors, oil candy colors, powder colors. Edible dusts and lustre dust come in a wide array of colors, and are perfect for shading a fondant or Gumpaste flowers.


Ossoro was born from a quest for culinary perfection – the heart of which is in the flavour of the food. We’ve scoured distant lands for their exotic produce. Meticulously studied their compositions – from the souks of Morocco, fragrant with their heady mix of piquant spices, luxuriously provocative Malagasy Cacao, luscious sun ripened fruits of the Tropics to our own culinary-colloquials like the Mughal Biryani or the Rummy Old Monk, to drop a few names. We have curated and created only the very best, so in each of our bottles is a lifetime of perfecting the right balance for the finest drops of essence masterfully crafted by our Flavour Alchemists….so you can add that elusive touch of artisanal quality to the food youm create at home. Ossoro – Food that moves you.

Taya Sugarcrafts

Sowmya is the owner and founder of TaYa Sugarcrafts. A graduate in Physiotherapy and in Business, New Zealand. She took up baking and decorating, as a hobby, and her passion towards Sugarcrafts led to the birth of TaYa Sugarcrafts, in 2015, in New Zealand.

TaYa Sugarcrafts, sets foot in India, as a supplier of cake and cookie decorating products in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, but also supply whole of India. Taya Sugarcrafts is bringing to you world renowned brands for amateur and professional cake decorators at affordable price. All the products are imported from Australia, UK, USA and Germany. Our mission at TaYa Sugarcrafts, is to enhance creativity of sugarcrafts and making it affordable for our customers.

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Magic Colors

Magic Colours™️ is a subsidiary of the Motek Sugarcraft Group. Established in 2001, the company offers a wide range of cake decoration products. We serve Cake Supply Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Bakeries, Cake designers, and Cake Decoration enthusiasts around the world. The group has production facilities, in Israel and India, and front sales and distribution offices in the Czech Republic and the UK.

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